Engagement Strategies

Engagement Program

CPS has a dedicated Student Engagement Officer, Rocky, who works with students on projects to support them both inside and outside the classroom.  Rocky also supports students’ transition to high school. 

Breakfast Club

The school runs a Breakfast Club every morning during school term from 8.25am – 8.45am. Breakfast Club is open to all students and teaches them life skills as well as ensuring they have a nourishing breakfast. Students serve themselves, eat together, wash, and put away their own dishes.

Therapy Dogs

Charthouse Primary School is committed to our successful Therapy Dogs in Schools program.  This provides regulation and emotional support for students across the school.  We have at least one dog in attendance at all times and students can be released to visit the dogs with sn EA at point of need.

Our current certified ‘therapy dogs’ are:

  • Wilson, Arlo and Ben: Block 4
  • Bentley: Block 3
  • Molly: Block 1
  • Charthouse also has a Story Dog, Brutus, who visits selected students every week for reading support.

Chill-Out Zone

The Chill Out Zone operates every morning in the Community Room.

Students can attend from 8:45am and are sent back to class when ready, or at 9:20am.

Each Block has its own mini-Chill Zone to help students regulate during the day.

If students need additional support to chill, they bring an ‘I need to chill ‘ card to the office and Administration staff will assist them to de-escalate.


Students from years 3 to 6 participate in clubs on Friday mornings in the weeks when there are no assemblies.  To support engagement, collaboration, and an importunity to increase interests and knowledge.  Each teacher runs a club and students nominate for their chosen group. 

Chickens and Sustainability

The school has a chicken coop located behind the Early Learning playground. The chickens are fed by food scraps collected from Crunch-n-Sip and the canteen.  The eggs collected can be used for classroom cooking.  Otherwise, they are utilised through the Breakfast Club.