Tudor Uniforms supply our school uniforms. They can be purchased from the Uniform Shop at Safety Bay SHS Wednesdays and Fridays 7.30am – 9.30am or on line at Tudor Uniforms website.

Delivery can be to Safety Bay SHS for pick up to your home (for a fee). Some uniforms are available to purchase from the front office. 

No Sun-Safe hat, No Play Policy

Due to the danger of skin cancer, we have a “No Hat, No Play” Policy. Children without a sun-safe hat must play in the undercover area or under the verandahs. This applies all year as, even on a cloudy day, skin can be damaged by the sun.  School hats can be purchased from the school uniform shop. 

Dress Code

The school uniform (dress code) gives children a sense of belonging and improves the tone of the school. School uniform also provides an important safety factor as our students can easily be identified as belonging to Charthouse PS. 

The dress code sets the standards for what is acceptable in relation to the clothing worn by students at the school, including headwear, jewellery and footwear. 

For school excursions it is expected that students will wear their school uniform, including a sun-safe hat. Students not wearing school uniform will not be permitted on the excursion. 

The Charthouse Primary School Dress Code is for all students K – 6. 

All Students

Wear a polo shirt with school logo. These can only be purchased through the Uniform Shop. Faction coloured shirts with the school logo are available to purchase and can be worn any day instead of the school polo shirt. 

Jumpers and / or jackets to be navy, with or without the school emblem. 

Navy shorts, track pants, cargo pants, sports skirts/skorts or school dress. 

Must wear appropriate footwear, ie; no heels / thongs / slip-on shoes or ugg boots. 

Socks to be plain in colour. 

Jewellery and other items

Jewellery or other adornments worn by the student should not constitute a hazard either to the students themselves or to others (2 pieces maximum). 

Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn. 

In the interests of hygiene, hair that is longer than shoulder length must be tied back. 

Wear a sun-safe navy hat; preferably a hat with School Logo. 

These can be purchased through the Uniform Shop. 

Please ensure all removable clothing is clearly and permanently marked with your child’s name. Lost property, other than valuable items, is located in the Library.