School Hours

The day is broken up into the following sessions: 

Doors Open / Prepare for learning by reading the Morning Message Board 8.45am 

Learning Commences 8.50am – 10.50am 

Recess 10.50am – 11.20am 

Learning Resumes 11.20am -1.20pm 

Lunch 1.20pm – 1.50pm 

Learning Resumes 1.50pm – 3.00pm 

Arrival at School

Parents are asked to ensure that children arrive at school by 8.25am for the 8.50am start. 

Children should not arrive at school before 8:25am. 

Any student who arrives at school prior to 8:45am will go to the Undercover Area where they will be supervised from 8:25am. 

School equipment is only supervised between 9am and 3pm.